Welcome to Soeuf Shop, the home of  the humble Oeuf! I'm Soph, part-time  egg maker (not a chicken) and these  are my eggy pals!

I make a variety of eggy decor      (#deggcor) for homes all oeufer the  world! Ranging from your usual egg, to  funky eggs, drippy eggs, dishes, egg  planters and even the occasional  avocado. If you have any eggy needs  I'm your chick!

I started this journey in July 2020 and have loved every second, I'm now just so eggcited I have my own website to show them all off! So take a look around, find some of my previous designs, prints, and even head over to my instagram @soeufshop to see some more eggy madness or drop me a message!

Enjoy! :)